The Top Dos and Don’ts in a Personal Injury Case

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Whether you’re in an auto accident, a slip and fall, or another type of accident, there are general guidelines you should follow to ensure the best results if you decide to hire a lawyer. These tips will help you improve the outcome of your case and, in some situations, may prevent you from making matters worse. While your Albuquerque personal injury attorneys will give you advice that’s more specific to your case, these guidelines will be a good starting point for you.

The Dos of a Personal Injury Case

  • Do take photos – Once you’ve confirmed that you, your passengers, and the others involved in the accident are safe, use your camera to take pictures of the accident, including property damage. When it is safe to do so, take pictures of anything that might have played a part in causing the accident such as an obstruction in the road.
  • Do get a copy of the police report – The first step to this is to make sure the police are called to the scene. Next, ensure you get your own statement about the accident recorded in the report even if the officer tells you it’s not necessary. You will want a copy of the report to ensure your version of the report is included.
  • Do keep a journal – As soon as possible after the accident occurs, you should start taking notes about the accident. Write down details concerning every event related to the crash, such as what was said at the scene and what your doctors tell you. Also document any other encounters you have with attorneys, insurance adjusters, and other professionals.

The Don’ts of a Personal Injury Case

  • Don’t speak with insurance representatives – Insurance adjusters will try to get you to make a statement about the accident and they will ask you to make the statement in a voice recording for clarity. Never agree to this. It can make it that much harder for an accident attorney to negotiate your case.
  • Don’t discuss your case – Rumors have a way of changing as they get spread around, so it’s best not to say anything about your accident or your injuries. This includes making statements or posting pictures on social media websites. Any of this information can be taken out of context and used against you.
  • Don’t accept the initial settlement offer – The insurance company will offer you a quick cash settlement shortly after the accident. Once you accept this offer, you forfeit your rights to pursue any further damages.

Above all, consulting a lawyer after any type of accident is the best thing you can do for yourself. A lawyer will give you a fair assessment of your case, so you can make an informed decision about how to proceed. If you’d like to speak with an experienced attorney, contact the professionals at the Valle, O’Cleireachain, Zamora & Harris Law Firm in Albuquerque today!


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