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New Mexico Slip and Fall Injury Lawyers

Slips and falls are common injuries and are the leading cause of worker’s compensation claims in the United States. According to the CDC, unintentional falls are the number one leading cause of non-fatal emergency room visits. Slip and fall injury lawyers Valle, O’Cleireachain, Zamora & Harris can help you receive the compensation you deserve as the result of a fall injury.

Property owners are required by law to maintain their building and ensure its upkeep. It’s their responsibility to protect the safety and well-being to all that enter their premises, but that’s not how it always unfolds. If dangerous conditions or negligence regarding property upkeep are found and lead to an injury, the landlords, management, and owners may be liable for any damages as a result of their carelessness.

Whether you’re at work or out running errands, if you’ve been hurt due a property’s disrepair or lack of maintenance, you need an experienced attorney who can skillfully advocate your claims. Premises liability encompasses a wide range of incidents and factors, including slip and fall accidents, damaged sidewalks, poor construction of buildings, building code violations, and much more.


The injuries you can incur from a slip and fall range from moderate to severe.

  • Neck injuries including whiplash are common. Damage can happen to tendons, muscles and ligaments in the neck with a sudden fall or slip.
  • Broken bones are common injuries as well. Broken hips, arms, legs, ribs and collarbones are the most common types of fractures, however, any bone can be injured in a fall.
  • Spinal cord injuries are terrifying and can be debilitating. These injuries include fractured vertebrae, herniated discs, and pinched nerves and can cause life-long chronic pain.
  • Concussions can be common when the accident victim hits their head in a fall. Concussions can happen even if the victim doesn’t lose consciousness.
  • Traumatic brain injuries are serious injuries that can be severe including brain bleeds, skull fractures, brain contusions, and diffuse axonal brain injuries.
  • Knee and ankle injuries such as sprains, muscle and tendon tears and fractures are common fall injuries.
  • Over 17,000 people in the United States dies as the result of a fall injury.

If you or a loved one has been injured on someone else’s property, call the team of New Mexico slip and fall injury lawyers at Valle, O’Cleireachain, Zamora & Harris Law Firm today. We can help get you the compensation you seek and the justice you deserve from the party responsible.

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