Criostoir (Chris) O'Cleireachain

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CRIOSTOIR CHRIS O’CLEIREACHAIN | VOZH New Mexico Best Personal Injury Attorney Lawyer
Criostoir (Chris) O'Cleireachain
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CRIOSTOIR CHRIS O’CLEIREACHAIN | VOZH New Mexico Best Personal Injury Attorney Lawyer

Criostoir (Chris) O'Cleireachain


Criostoir (Chris) O’Cleireachain graduated from the University of Denver School of Law in 2001 and began his legal career by prosecuting criminal cases. As a prosecutor, Chris was in trial several days each week, gaining valuable courtroom experience. “As a prosecutor, you have to know the law and think on your feet,” he said.

In March of 2009, after several years of working in both law enforcement and the District Attorney’s Office, he joined Valle, O’Cleireachain, Zamora & Harris to practice civil litigation on behalf of injured Plaintiffs.

Since joining the firm, his practice has focused on litigation, primarily in the areas of medical malpractice and wrongful death. In his previous work before law school, Chris worked in the medical field. It’s this experience that gives Chris an advantage when is working on a medical malpractice case. Medical malpractice is complicated, and his experience in the medical field has given Chris knowledge of the terminology and basic anatomy, as well as an understanding of how hospitals operate. Chris’ advantage of many points of view helps when evaluating cases to determine the best strategy.

Chris’ approach to his cases is to be many steps ahead of the defendants, including hospitals and healthcare providers. “In a 100-yard race, you want to be 90 yards down before the starting gun goes off,” he said. Lining up experts, developing theories, and being prepared for trial before filing the lawsuit sets Chris’ clients up for successful outcomes.

Chris is dedicated to his family and his work. In his spare time, aside from spending time with his family, he loves reading, and sailing has been a passion since he was a child. He grew up sailing and racing 55-foot sailboats in ocean races near San Diego. As part of this experience, Chris was surrounded by international professional sailing crews, which helped give him different perspectives on the world.


  • Leger v. Leger, 2022-NMSC-007, 503 P.3d 349 Read More
  • M.R. v. SereniCare Funeral Home, L.L.C., 2013-NMCA-022, 296 P.3d 492 Read More


  • Medical Malpractice
  • Wrongful Death
  • Personal Injury
  • Insurance Bad Faith


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