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RICHARD J. VALLE | VOZH New Mexico Best Personal Injury Attorney Lawyer
Richard J. Valle
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CRIOSTOIR CHRIS O’CLEIREACHAIN | VOZH New Mexico Best Personal Injury Attorney Lawyer
Criostoir (Chris) O'Cleireachain
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MATTHEW J. ZAMORA | VOZH New Mexico Best Personal Injury Attorney Lawyer
Matthew J. Zamora
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Andrea D. Harris
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New Mexico Medical Malpractice Attorneys

The Valle, O’Cleireachain, Zamora & Harris Law Firm in Albuquerque (NM) provides expertise in personal injury, wrongful death, insurance law, claims against government and medical malpractice. We believe “Our Team” can Help You too!

Representative Cases

  • Yvette Lucero, individually and as parent and next best friend of Luke Lucero and Isaac Lucero, minors, and Michael J. Lucero, Plaintiffs-Appellants, v. Richardson & Richardson, Inc.; Albuquerque Public Schools; and John Does 1-15, Defendants-Appellees, 2002-NMCA-013, 39 P.3d 739, Cert. Denied. Read More
  • Dellaira v. Farmers Ins. Exchange, 2004-NMCA-132, 136 N.M. 552, 102 P.3d 111 Read More
  • Prakongsri Rhoades, Petitioner-Appellee,v. Daniel K. Rhoades, Respondent-Appellant. 135 N.M. 122, 85 P.3d 246, 2004 -NMCA- 020. Read More
  • Gerald L. Smith v. Board of County Commissioners, County of Bernalillo, and Henry R. Westrich, 137 N.M. 280, 110 P.3d 496, 2005 -NMSC- 012. Read More
  • Gulf Ins. Co. v. Cottone, 2006 -NMCA- 150, 140 N.M. 728148 P.3d 814 Read More
  • Carol Williams and Marcus Williams v. Rio Rancho Public Schools, Superintendent Dr. Sue Cleveland and Richard Vonancken, 145 N.M. 214, 195 P.3d 879, 238 Ed. Law Rep. 430, 2008 -NMCA- 150. Read More
  • Carmen Arias v. Phoenix Indemnity Insurance Co., 147 N.M. 14, 216 P.3d 264, 2009 -NMCA- 100, Cert. Denied. Read More
  • M.R. v. SereniCare Funeral Home, L.L.C., 2013-NMCA-022, 296 P.3d 492 Read More
  • Samantha Duran v. Loya Insurance Company. Read More
  • Patricia Trujillo v. State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company. Read More
  • Angelo Palacios and Matthew Hall, Estate of Travis Dehart and Francisco A. Reyes v. Loya Insurance Company. Read More
  • Leger v. Leger, 2022-NMSC-007, 503 P.3d 349 Read More

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